Why did we start Freecast?

Hey Friends,
We launch Freecast tomorrow and we are so excited by the support from all of you. We wanted to tell you a little bit about why we started Freecast.
In 2015, I was in New York directing a live concert for one of my favorite bands, Saves The Day. We were running 5 Sony a7SIIs and 3 GoPros on stage. As a director of a multi-cam shoot, it’s always tricky to monitor every camera unless there's a large budget to rent all the necessary equipment. We had a limited budget, and so couldn’t do that on this one. During the live concert, 2 GoPros went out. One got blocked by a guitar case that was moved last minute, and the other one died as viewing its feed through wifi killed the battery. We only had 45 minutes to shoot, and so we were stuck with no fix. While we luckily had footage from the Sony cameras, the situation was a total bummer.
That experience got me thinking. What if we had a wireless device that was accessible to any and all productions? What if we could monitor GoPros and DSLRs for a fraction of the cost of other products? What if you could own a wireless broadcasting device for just a little bit more than what you would rent the more expensive devices for? How would that change production and filmmaking?
From those questions, Freecast was born. It's the first wireless video device that's accessible to all content creators. We have spent 2 years working hard on this project, aligning ourselves with manufacturers and wireless video specialists.
Thanks for your continued support,
- Team Freecast